A General Counsel for Hire

We are taking the management of legal issues out of the equation for startups and fast growing companies.

Let´s turn legal issues into assets, not liabilities.

Before us

Major companies have in-house legal teams, led by a general counsel. In-house legal teams perform the day-to-day legal work and provide strategic advice, refer more complex matters to external law firms, manage negotiations with counterparties and identify and mitigate risks.

Startups and fast growing companies usually do not have a structure in place to have a general counsel or an in-house team. This brings pain and frustration to founders and management teams. They often find themselves baffled by a whole new world for which they are not prepared, without the resources to deal appropriately with legal issues affecting their business.

Our services

We want to allow you to manage legal matters with the same standards of quality as major companies, with a cost adapted to your structure.

We want to help simplify your life by giving you access to our own in-house legal team.

We will be your own general counsel.



Inhoused is an innovative legal management firm for startups and fast growing companies.

We strive to give you the best legal services available both from ourselves when managing your matters and from external law or consulting firms which we will help you engage in specific situations.

At Inhoused, you will deal with lawyers trained in the best law firms, with diversified work experiences and who can speak your language.


Or send us an email to inhoused@inhoused.co